Cecil Hobson

Wise old man from Elba Village


Cecil is the oldest living person on the island, as far as anyone can tell. He’s also the only person who wasn’t born there. Long ago he was a fisherman whose ship came across a violent storm. Cecil braced himself as the waves hurled toward him. There was no stopping the gale from sinking his ship, and no land anywhere in sight. Cecil remembers the sensation of drowning, followed by unconsciousness. The next thing he remembers is the sound of waves washing against the shore and gulls overhead. He was alive. He had landed on Caprina Island.

The villagers were anxious to hear stories of the outside world. No one could recall a time when there had been visitors from offshore. The next day, Cecil began building a raft. The villagers knew he was wasting his time. No one had ever been able to leave the island.


Cecil Hobson

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